Lake 2



Laketatron is a level 24 moviestarplant player. She is currently is slowly starting to progress more as she starts to rise hiigher to the top. Thogh she is not MSP famous she is a wonderful person despite the many haters. Talking to Laketatron you could see that she is a great person and nothing but a great person. In all of my belief i dont think that Laketatron gets all of the support that she deserves or any of the kidness that she gives to people returened. All in all Laketatron is a great person and an amazing friend to the friends she has. If your not already supporting Laketatron or a friend of Laketatron can ou do me a favor and add her and support her and i promise you that just like the kidness you give to her you will recieve it back. Go add Laketatron.

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